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shanahan news

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                            SHANAHAN  NEWS

    go sha  n news it rocks so much ! If you can read this that means you are cool                                                                                                                        


For kids by kids-                                                                                          -Since 2011  

Breaking news! 

Mrs.Shanahan has been chosen to be part of the top 3 elementary teachers of the year!

So far no news on who has won. For more info go to: http://www.nisd.net/news/articles/1088/en



  Sat: 90°F / 75°


Even more breaking news!!!!

San Antonio had some minor showers earlier yesterday !!!!

After a long drought, we finally got some rain!

how ever officials say that it wasn't enough rain to end this painful drought:( 


UTSA football game sets record for Biggest crowd

Gross lunch?

'' I want to bring my lunch because it is GROSS!!!!!", Alaina says. Do you like pizza sticks with hardly any cheese? They claim that they have nutritional value but do they do they really?

Also a local student also says they are "no were near the same quality as the old pizza sticks. I used to love them but now there like Italian food gone bad!" Shanahan News continues the investigation. -Anna/Miles





News update

A new folder called the AR ultra readers club has now been added to the wiki made by Miles

only members that have 150 AR points can enter though for more info go to

AR ultra readers club Miles is thinking of adding more features  sometime today!



Shanahan News Wiki?

Yes Anna made a Shanahan News Wiki!!! It is now under construction but if you want to request access you can NOW!!! http://shanahannews.pbworks.com/w/page/45694445/FrontPage#http://shanahan3.pbworks.com/w/page/41994717/FrontPage  It  appears there is a new web page called

Ask Taffy

seems to be a question page

this new and exiting web page is run by someone called Taffy and she is only ansering 2 questions per week so ask ask ask!




Thank you for reading

Shanahan News.

Questions? Coments? shanahannews@gmail.com

  reporters Miles and Catherine and Anna as chief editor





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Catherine said

at 6:22 pm on Sep 15, 2011

Nice trick, Anna. And can you believe "cookie monster"? I'm gonna have a long talk with him tomorrow. grrr

Anna! said

at 6:41 pm on Sep 15, 2011

COOKIE MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M.N.M said

at 6:23 am on Sep 16, 2011


Catherine said

at 12:52 pm on Sep 16, 2011

GRRRRR!!!!! I am sooooo mad at cookie monster!!!!

Catherine said

at 12:57 pm on Sep 16, 2011

Anna, when did you interview Alaina?

Anna! said

at 1:01 pm on Sep 16, 2011

At free time

Catherine said

at 1:29 pm on Sep 16, 2011


Anna! said

at 1:34 pm on Sep 16, 2011


Catherine said

at 1:36 pm on Sep 16, 2011


Alex said

at 1:43 pm on Sep 16, 2011

This is a really cool page you guys! I LOVE it!

Anna! said

at 1:47 pm on Sep 16, 2011


Alex said

at 2:30 pm on Sep 16, 2011

Your welcome! :)

M.N.M said

at 2:13 pm on Sep 16, 2011

actually you cant cookie monster because you betrade us!!

Catherine said

at 2:37 pm on Sep 16, 2011

Anna, you really need to take a break. I didn't think you would be editing this page so much. Take a break. Eat a cookie.Use the restroom if you have to.

Sarah said

at 2:40 pm on Sep 16, 2011

This is so kul guys

Anna! said

at 2:42 pm on Sep 16, 2011


Anna! said

at 2:41 pm on Sep 16, 2011

ANNA MUST EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catherine said

at 2:42 pm on Sep 16, 2011


Catherine said

at 2:46 pm on Sep 16, 2011

Anna, go recharge your cell phone, and I will possibly let you edit.

Anna! said

at 2:46 pm on Sep 16, 2011

I am not at home so I cant

Catherine said

at 2:49 pm on Sep 16, 2011

well where are you then?

Anna! said

at 2:50 pm on Sep 16, 2011

grandmas i always go here after school

Catherine said

at 2:53 pm on Sep 16, 2011

Anna, turn off your computer. you need to take a break

Anna! said

at 2:55 pm on Sep 16, 2011

nope you cant make me

M.N.M said

at 4:00 pm on Sep 16, 2011

hey guys im keeping an eye on the shanahan view

Anna! said

at 5:21 pm on Sep 16, 2011

you should!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna! said

at 5:55 pm on Sep 16, 2011

and here's what I'm thinking yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHAKY said

at 6:01 pm on Sep 16, 2011

really really really if the cafitira ladys read this your in truble

Anna! said

at 6:30 am on Sep 17, 2011

No It's to help them

Anna! said

at 8:12 am on Sep 17, 2011

highlite the red bar!

Gabe said

at 6:46 pm on Sep 22, 2011

is anyone on

Anna! said

at 6:59 pm on Sep 22, 2011

yeah and gabe this is the old shanahan news go to the one on the side bar

Anna! said

at 2:34 pm on Sep 26, 2011

I you are veiwing this is out of date go to shanahan news on the side bar under the globe

Catherine said

at 7:14 pm on Oct 12, 2011

This is SO out of date!

Autumn said

at 6:10 pm on Nov 9, 2011

yall should put a thing on shanahan news about how hard the sstar will be and how we need to start perpareing for the worst! =(

June Shanahan said

at 6:48 pm on Nov 9, 2011

You did GREAT today in math today, Autumn. :-)

Anna! said

at 3:34 pm on Nov 11, 2011

Autumn we have our own wiki for Shanahan News if you want to see it look on the side bar

Duncan said

at 10:53 am on Jun 9, 2012

Hello cast

Duncan said

at 10:53 am on Jun 9, 2012

Not like anybody is on

June Shanahan said

at 5:49 pm on Jun 9, 2012


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