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feisty, adorable, snappy , quirky,

Sister of Enrique, Timoteo, and Suzanna,

Lover of Gymnastics, iPads, the superstars and Dancing with the stars,

Who feels happy when flipping on the trampoline or tumble track and playing with her brothers and sisters,

Sad when her parents are out of town,

Scared of big and fat sumo wrestlers,

Who needs help with making really hard decisions,

Who gives welcoming smiles,

Who fears kidnapping, and Lock downs,

Who dreams of becoming a professional dancers and live on a farm,

Resident of Helotes, Texas.




My Street Music




On this street you can hear the loud dogs barking at the bold, black birds

bark, bark!!

You can feel a breeze when in your hair when you’re walking up the street


You can see dirt tracks on the street after a long, hard poor of rain with thunder

strike, strike!!!

You can see the greeting


our neighbors give each other “hello. How was your day?”

Every Friday night you can hear us until 1 in the morning jamming

boom, boom!!

The hills surround us making us safe and high

all together

You can hear our tires spinning

when we go up our driveways

vroom, vroom!!

You can feel the love if you lived on my street.






All about Dingoes/Warrigals


Dingoes, also known as Warrigals, are special and unique just like you.Today I’m going to talk to you about the Australian Dingo. I find them interesting. I hope you do too.

Fun Facts

Did you know Dingoes can live up to 8-10 years? That’s how old some of us are right now, so you should be lucky you're alive. Dingoes were not originally born from Australia. but they were brought to Australia about 5,000 years ago. There are special types of areas in Australia to protect Dingoes from decreasing in population.

Inherited traits and Learned behaviors

Dingoes can’t bark like dogs? But, they can howl like a wolf. Australian Dingoes mate with each other when there’s a chill, and the leaves start to fall. Do you know what season that is? A dingo can turn their head 180 degrees in each direction just to look at their own kind. The Warrigal has 2 different colored eyes. Their eye color can be yellow or orange.

Natural Habitats

The Dingoes habitat is in southeast Asia and Australia. Dingoes hunt in Desert  woodlands, Desert rivers, and  sandy spots for their dinner. Dingoes will sleep in rocky gorges and can have different homes. They can live in a cave, a den, or a hollow log.  They can live in wet, and dry rainforests. I predict they live on the forest floor. What floor would you like to live on?


What Dingoes eat/hunt

Warrigals are carnivores. They eat flesh. Dingoes will pretty much eat anything they can find. For example they will eat rabbits, insects, rodents, and even kangaroos. You will see them hunting as a team, just like a football team. Dingoes will go to the ocean to rinse in the salty water and then  go “fishing” for food. Dingoes will eat koalas for a special meal. So you see Dingoes will go for anything they can find. I have read that they have eaten a child before. Are you scared of them now?



I hoped you learned that Dingoes are also known as Warrigals. They eat just about anything. Warrigals work, live, and hunt like a football team, together in a pack. Dingoes mate with each other in fall. Warrigals have orange or yellow eyes unlike humans. Don’t you wish you could turn your head 180 degrees in each direction too? Would you like to live until your 10th birthday? If you would then you should go to Australia and live with them.




Mammals, Dogs, Carnivores,  Australian,

Related to my family dog,

Lover of flesh, heat, mating, hunting,

Who feels happy when eating a Kangaroo for dinner,

Sad when a farmer shoots another dingo for trying to eat a farm animal,

Scared when they hear a Wedge Tailed Eagle,

Who needs help with not eating children,

Who fears Wedge Tailed Eagles,

Who dreams of not being hunted by poachers,

Resident of Tasmania, Australia, And southeast Asia.


Image result for where do dingoes live in australia












Comments (19)

superstarlindsay said

at 12:10 pm on Aug 29, 2014

You have a mind filled of smartness!

superstargracie said

at 12:12 pm on Aug 29, 2014

Super funny Audellia.

superstaraudelia said

at 12:12 pm on Aug 29, 2014

Thank you Lindsay.

superstarpaige said

at 12:13 pm on Aug 29, 2014

That is totally going to be a AWESOME all about me Audelia.

superstaremily said

at 12:21 pm on Aug 29, 2014

Really like your adjectives.

superstaraudelia said

at 12:21 pm on Aug 29, 2014

Thanks Gracie and Paige.

superstarmarlena said

at 12:22 pm on Aug 29, 2014


superstaremma said

at 12:22 pm on Aug 29, 2014

I agree with Paige!! That is going to be a great poem.

superstarlindsay said

at 12:22 pm on Aug 29, 2014

thank you for the inspiring comment

superstargracie said

at 10:03 am on Sep 2, 2014

Ooo Snappy!

superstaremma said

at 10:07 am on Sep 2, 2014

Yes you are so adorable! Love your new adjectives!!

June Shanahan said

at 6:07 pm on Sep 2, 2014

Your new adjectives are the BEST. I want to be snappy, so I can be like YOU. I'm already HYPER!!!!

June Shanahan said

at 5:22 pm on Sep 3, 2014

Love your words, love your writing, love your thoughts, love YOU.

superstaraudelia said

at 3:35 pm on Sep 21, 2014

Thank you all for commenting.

June Shanahan said

at 8:37 am on Oct 5, 2014

I can feel the love of your street, just from reading your amazing poetry.

June Shanahan said

at 7:49 pm on Apr 6, 2015

Animal poem - don't forget to add the last line + a graphic.

June Shanahan said

at 4:46 am on Apr 8, 2015

Do you think you could change this line a little, so that it is more specific? Exactly what is your animal eating? Juicy what? Juicy doughnut? Juice Popsicle? Juicy apple? Juicy...what?
Who feels happy when eating its juicy dinner,

June Shanahan said

at 4:47 am on Apr 8, 2015

Don't forget to add a graphic of your animal. :-) ***You have an A so far - - - woo-hoo for you!

June Shanahan said

at 1:17 pm on Apr 10, 2015


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